Betty 63 and Dora 47. Central TX. January 2014.




“R:  How did you guys meet?

Betty:  Actually it was at a party, just a random church party, and…just talking and visiting about the horses and stuff.  And just wanted to, Dora wanted to come over and see the horses, because she was interested in purchasing and buying a horse and she didn’t really know what she wanted or what kind or whatever.  So I told her I could, I could help her, or show her some stuff, or…  So we just, saw that we had mutual interest in the horses basically, and that just grew, and voila.

Dora:  Voila!”

–Betty 63 and Dora 47 – Central, TX – January 28, 2014

“Betty” and “Dora” chose these names as pseudonyms and asked that no identifying photos be included in this post for the sake of privacy and anonymity.  They talked about their experiences coming out (and sometimes choosing not to be out) in rural Texas towns, their shared love of horses, and their involvement in the International Gay Rodeo Association.

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