Allie. 19. Big Spring, TX.

Allie. 19. Big Spring, TX.

Allie. 19. Big Spring, TX.

“I identify as pansexual, which to me means that I like…I don’t base who I like sexually on their perceived gender.  Like if they look female but they’re actually male, I don’t really notice that.  

I don’t notice a person’s gender when I first see them, cause everybody does this whether they realize it or not, in the back of their head when they see a person, they automatically have that moment of ‘Ooh. I’d totally do that person.’  Gender for me doesn’t play a factor in that.  It just, it’s never played a factor.”

–Allie, 19 – Big Spring, TX – June 23, 2014

Allie was 19 and a college student in Big Spring, Texas at the time of our interview. discussed growing up in small town Texas, the oil and gas boom that has recently hit Big Spring, her experiences being out as pansexual in a small college town, and her love for her job delivering papers.


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