Candace 26 & Autumn 29. Angleton, TX. June 2014.


Candace & Autumn, Angelton, TX


“He leaned his arm on the window of my pick up truck and he was like, “Sugar, let me tell you something.  You can either go back in the closet.” Which I was appalled to hear my Dad use the phrase back in the closet, I was like how do you even know that?  You’re like seventy years old.  He was like, “Sugar, you can either go back in the closet, or you can go in there balls to the wall, and you can say ‘THIS is my girlfriend, dammit, and if you don’t like it:  That’s tough!!!”

And I was like “Did you just say balls?” Like I was so horrified that my dad had just said that to me.

He was like, “Them’s your choices.  I’m goin back inside.  See y’all in a minute.”

–Autumn, 29 – Angelton, TX – June 21, 2014

Autumn and Candace both grew up in Texas.  At the time of our interview Autumn and Candace operated Ed’s Sno Cones in Angleton, TX.


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