David. 26. Bastrop, TX. June 2014.

David, Bastrop, TX

David.  26.  Bastrop, TX.

“I grew up in a very, Tejano-like home here in Texas.  You know, my family has been in Texas longer than Texas has been a state.  So, it’s been…it was different growing up, because we still had…a Hispanic upbringing, but not so much of an impact – or not so much of an identifier of being from Mexico, but being Tejano.  So, that’s a big part of my growing up and childhood….

I just remember growing up in the country, cause we had a place out of town.  We had two acres. And, you know, just like a house that we lived on for a long time. And we had goats then, I had goats when I was younger, I raised goats and I raised livestock for FFA and for county fairs. Did that whole thing.”

–David, 26 – Bastrop, TX –  June 22, 2014

At the time of our interview David was living on a farm in Bastrop, TX – working with the couple that owned the land to raise animals and vegetables.  He talked about growing up in a Tejano home in rural  East Texas, his participation in FFA, and his future goals of helping teach homesteading and farming skills to other queer folks.  He now lives with his husband on their farm in East Texas!

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