Mason 57 and Spencer 63. Hobolochitto Swamp, MS. June 2014.

Mason, 57.   Hobolochitto Swamp, Mississippi

Listen to Mason describe her first memories of liking girls when she was growing up in a military family, her first girlfriend, and her coming out experience in rural Florida in the 1970s and 80s:

“Rachel:    So how do you identify?

Mason:    Butch dyke, I guess!…I was born in Pensacola, Florida and I was a Navy brat.  My mother was from Pensacola, so therefore all her kinfolk were there, so that’s where I call home.  That’s where we always gravitated back towards, is Pensacola.  

So for the first 15 years I was a Navy brat, we moved all over the world.  Which was great.  Gave me a great opportunity to see the world, not be stuck in one place, and know what I wanted by the time I got older.  

And I always wanted to live in the country.  And I don’t know if I inherited that from my grandfather or what.  He was like that.  He would’a rather been out in the woods than in the suburbs or the city, and that’s just, what I’ve always dreamed of is having a place in the country, especially on a creek!”

–Mason, 57 – Hobolochitto Swamp, MS –  June 19, 2014

Mason and Spencer live in a beautiful house they built from scratch in the Hobolochitto Swamp in Mississippi.  Mason talked about growing up in the Navy and in Pensacola, Florida, her involvement with Camp Sister Spirit in Mississippi in the 1990s, and how she always wanted a home in the country “South of I-10.”  Spencer talked about growing up in Paris and Tahiti, as the child of a white French woman and a diplomat from West Africa, moving to Wisconsin and raising daughters with her ex-husband for many years, and how she eventually met Mason and moved South.

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