Crisosto Apache. 42. New Mexico.


“From all the research that I’ve done in terms of two spirit people in reservation communities and all the different elders that I’ve talked to – who are very traditional – I’ve come to make the determination that culturally – that behavior was accepted within the community, because they had a function.

There was a spiritual function, there was a community function, and there’s a lot of what we talk about that: we don’t disown our people, we don’t disown our families, and everybody has a purpose…are some of the basic teachings that we have within our culture.  

So within the culture itself these people are given responsibilities. They might not fit the responsibilities that straight people have such as procreation, providing for the family…but in terms of the way they operated within the community there was a purpose for them.”

–Crisosto Apache , 42 –   New Mexico/Colorado –  June 28, 2014

Crisosto is a writer and two spirit advocate who was raised on the Mescalero Apache reservation in New Mexico.  At the time of the interview he was living in Denver, CO and he talked about growing up on the reservation, coming out as gay, and later finding a sense of authenticity when he came out as two-spirit.

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