Twig. 31. Pecos, NM. July 2014.

Twig, Pecos

Sasquatch and Twig on their porch in Pecos, NM

“I identify as a country queer, and… I think because it – it took me a long time to get here, as I’m sure it does for many people, of melding, or finding the balance, or – marriage [laughs] – between those two things.  Because they’re not always something that we’re taught or told or validated, that they can co-exist. And they can. 

That varies from how that works and what that looks like from person to person, but – for me, it was finding that comfort again in myself. Like…knowing that I like being in the country, I like throwing hatchets, I like doing things that don’t involve a lot of other people, and I get to do it by myself, and be out in the woods.”

                                       –Twig Delujé, 31 – Pecos, NM – July 8, 2014

Twig is a self identified “trans-masculine country queeritan” who grew up in Kansas, lived for years in Portland, OR, and at the time of our interview made his home in Pecos, NM.  He is a writer and hosted the “Queer Country Roadshow” in Madrid, NM in 2013.

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