Crystal. 34. Villanueva, NM. July 2014.


“Here, I’m just learning a different way, learning to walk down my street, or go into the store, even if I don’t know who’s working that day or I don’t know who’s at the counter, like another customer. I expect to be treated like anyone else that might walk in there. And I’m continually having that experience, so it’s getting affirmed every day that I’m here…That feels really good… I think it just feels, with my heart, like a healthier way to live my life, is to keep my heart more open to people in general and be authentic about it. Instead of always bracing for potential harm.”

–Crystal, 34, Villanueva, NM – July 7, 2014

Crystal was raised in Oregon and worked at the Colorado Anti-Violence Coalition in Denver for years, before moving to rural New Mexico.  At the time of this interview Crystal was working at a small town NM post office, and trying to navigate the tensions between their desire to live rurally, feel a connection to the land, and gain homesteading skills with missing their queer community and life back in Denver.

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