This project would not exist without the support of these fine folks, and many more:

  • Thank you to our volunteer transcriptionists!  Kayden Moore, Montanna Mills, Jocelyn Jessop, Riley Cockrell, Izzy Broomfield, and Heidi Marsh.
  • Thank you to all who donated to the Summer 2018 GoFundMe campaign, which funded transcription of all of the interviews gathered so far.
  • Thank you to the Center for the Study of the American South at UNC Chapel Hill – for their 2016 Summer Research Grant which made possible 5 interviews with Central Appalachian Country Queers.
  • Thank you to our 2014 Kickstarter supporters!  Their support made possible 30 interviews in MS, TX, NM, CO, KS, and OK during June & July 2014.